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Security, HCI, Cloud and Open Source are prime focus for Wysetek in 2019 for its enterprise customers.

Enterprise IT landscape and the adoption of digital technologies by organizations has transformed in 2018 with cloud taking bigger shape, data privacy gaining prominence, datacenter Infra undergoing change, artificial intelligence becoming real. HCI, Cloud, security, SD WAN, open source, mobility, flash are the major technology trends in the marketplace today.

CIOs of Indian organizations are seeking the support of IT channel partners who are more than Systems Integrators. “The new age channel partner is expected to tweak its value proposition in IT channel business to deliver business outcome technology solutions that are long term, strategic and RoI-savvy to IT teams of their customers,” says Rajesh Mathkar, Director, Wysetek Systems Technologists.

Wysetek as a three decade old systems Integrator Company headquartered at Mumbai with Pan India presence has its focused areas marked out for 2019. Rajesh Mathkar, Director, Wysetek Systems Technologists spells out 4 big trends for 2019

  1. Security: In today’s competitive environment, awareness about threats is growing and hence need for security solutions are increasing. Enterprises are looking at not only traditional solutions like Firewall and AV but they are also deploying new technologies like Anti Apt, DDI, IPAM, DRM. Wysetek offers a comprehensive bundle of security services to support the design, installation, operations management and continuous improvement of an organization’s IT infrastructure.
  2. HCI: Hyperconverged infrastructure is an easy way to modernize technology. At Wysetek we can help your organization tackle the challenges and reduce risk, boost productivity, and enhance flexibility, scalability, and availability. HCI will allow you to achieve a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional infrastructure.
  3. Cloud : We believe cloud services will rise largely in the upcoming years. In the near future, we can even expect the cloud infrastructure to become the default web server environment and a game changer for both local and multi-national (mostly international) companies. The open source developers are coming close to create tools that can run platforms in the cloud and hence we could see a large number of applications and projects generating more percentage of total cloud revenues.

4.Open Source :  We are focusing on open source technologies for our enterprise customers as we truly believe that the future of open source software is bright. As industry has begun adopting open source technologies in almost all verticals, many new technologies have used open source as their very foundation.

Into the Future

More than fifty to sixty percent of the overall revenues for Wysetekin the year 2019 will emerge from the four focused technologies.

Wysetek will continue to add more skill sets and have a special team for these four technologies which will comprise of highly experienced skilled technical professionals who leverage deep industry expertise to craft integrated business solutions.

Wysetek also foresees AI and ML as the upcoming technologies that will mature in 2019 and 2020 and coerce Wysetek to invest in these technologies for its end customers.

“Artificial Intelligence brings enormous changes to the business, reshaping the entire industries with the power of advanced technologies and software. There is a potential for algorithms marketplaces, where the best ones created by engineers or companies can be shared, bought, and deployed for organization’s personal use,” he says.

Moreover, the constant development of machine learning and AI technologies promises that every business will be data-driven and every industry will be smart from healthcare to construction, banking and finance to manufacturing, almost every industry will be reshaped as per him

Machine learning(ML) is another big trend for 2020 as per Rajesh. “Most of the big companies will be moving away from traditional ways of chatting with consumers via emails, texts, or chat boxes. Disruptive technologies will usher in “machine-mediated conversational marketing” to transform content marketing by delivering the most relevant and personalized content to the audience, while enhancing customer experience and improving engagement,” he says.

Machine learning–enabled facial analysis, predictive and preemptive analytics, pattern recognition, biometrics, deep learning platforms, and more will result in a transformative impact on everyday living.

Cloud will continue to be a big technology trend in next couple of years too.

Cloud Computing in India which is a fast emerging business standard that has changed the way IT Solution is delivered. The industry is expected to grow tremendously, offering more accessibility, provides virtual storage space and security against unauthorized access and loss of data.

“The future trends of Cloud Computing includes Increased Storage Capacity, Commencement of the Internet of Everything (IOE), More Secured Cyber Environment and Rapid growth in cloud service solutions,”says Rajesh at Wysetek.

Wysetek Top Bets for 20191.Security2.HCI3.Cloud4.Open Source
Future trends of Cloud Computing : Rajesh Mathkar Increased Storage CapacityCommencement of Internet of Everything (IOE)More Secured Cyber EnvironmentRapid growth in cloud service solutions