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Red Hat’s Advanced Business Partner Wysetek is equipped to offer Red Hat software subscriptions and services and training solutions to enterprise customers.

Wysetek Systems Technologists is focusing on open source technologies for its enterprise customers.

Mumbai headquartered Wysetek has been working with Red Hat since past couple of years.

The current partnership level with Red Hat from December 2017 is Advanced Business Partner (ABP).

Wysetek as an ABP for Red Hat in India is now equipped to offer all its customers Red Hat software subscriptions as well as services and training solutions (along with Red Hat).

“We will be glad to help create awareness and better understanding on all Redhat solutions through Meetings/ Technology presentations,” says Amit Kulkarni, Red Hat Specialist, Wystetek Systems Technologists.

Indian CIO’s are aware of the benefits of using Open Source technologies from enterprise vendors like Red Hat for their mission-critical applications, he adds. Red Hat brings them all the Innovation taking place in the Open Source community which is fully hardened, tested and certified to deploy in their production environment, says Amit.

Because the open source technology is more open/ standards based, the software is secure and better performing compared to proprietary IT vendors, he adds.

Red Hat Enterprise software solutions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS, Jboss Enterprise Application Middle-ware, Redhat Enterprise Virtualization, Redhat OpenStack Cloud, Redhat Ansible Tower and Redhat OpenShift Container Platform are deployed by Indian customers.

Wysetek is in the process of setting up a separate skilled and certified team (sales and technical) for Redhat and other Open Source software solutions. Our customers are looking forward to work with Wysetek for all their Redhat/ Open Source solution requirements, says Amit.

Wysetek is building upon the Technical skills through getting our team certified on all the Red Hat technologies and hands-on customer project implementation experience.

BFSI, IT/ ITES and Telecom have been the early adopters for Redhat and Wysetek. “These sectors have had an Enterprise Open Source software strategy where the software is based on open standards without any vendor lock-in, offers the innovations from the open source community and less licensing costs compared to proprietary IT vendors,” says Amit.

Apart from Redhat Enterprise Linux and Jboss Enterprise Middle-ware, the focus solutions for 2018 by Wysetek are Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, Redhat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Ansible Tower IT Automation platform.

Red Hat is a global enterprise technology company and a market leader in Enterprise software using the Open Source development model. Red Hat acts as a bridge between the Open Source community and enterprise customers and carry out hardening, testing and certification on the best Open Source projects to make them enterprise ready to be deployed in production environments. Redhat software solutions are today being deployed world-wide and in India across every industry including large Airlines/ Banks and Insurance Companies/ IT ITES/ Telecom/ Public Sector (PSU) and Government as well as manufacturing customers.

Many Indian CIO’s are seriously evaluating Redhat Cloud solutions for its Open Standards and portability/ security and scalability features. “IT decision makers are looking at technology partners like Wysetek as a partner of choice to help them be aware of the latest Redhat solutions, help identify business use cases to deploy them as also to help implement and customize the same in their IT environments,” says Amit Kulkarni at Wysetek Systems Technologists.

The mission-critical enterprise IT solutions by Red Hat

  • Redhat Enterprise Linux Operating System for mission critical workloads including DB, SAP, Cloud environments.
  • Redhat Jboss Application Middle-ware which includes solutions for application modernization ( J2EE Application Server), integration( API Integration and Management) and automation ( BPM / Business Rules Automation)
  • Linux Container based application development ( Enterprise Docker and Kubernetes based PaaS solution)
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing ( Private/ Hybrid and Public Clouds, Cloud Orchestrator )
  • IT Automation and Management Tools
  • Redhat Storage ( Software defined unified file and object storage)

“Wysetek is in the process of setting up a separate skilled and certified team (sales and technical) for Red Hat as our enterprise customers look forward to work with Wysetek for Red Hat and Open Source solution requirements.”
Amit Kulkarni, Red Hat Specialist, Wystetek Systems Technologists