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More than sixty percent of company’s total revenues come from datacenter solutions says Rajesh Mathkar, director at Wysetek.

Modern datacenters demand low latency, high speed networking, lower power consumption and extreme performance in digital world. The huge amount of data flowing across datacenters is now extended from on premises, cloud, mobiles, end points and other sources.

Wysetek Systems Technologists has been an expert solution provider and systems Integrator Company offering and implementing datacenter solutions for enterprises. The Pan India Company headquartered at Mumbai is catering to the new demands from enterprise customers with respect to datacenter solutions.

“Enterprises are expecting the datacenters to serve as the core for their digital transformation journey. They want the modern datacenter solution that offer enhanced agility, better management and control that turns their DC into a software defined datacenter,” as per Rajesh Mathkar, director, Wysetek Systems Technologists.

Wysetek works with HPE, Dell EMC, Nutanix, VMware, Trend Micro, Cisco, APC Sneider for datacenter solutions as per customer needs and choice of technology brand. The key datacenter solutions by Wysetek to implement for the enterprises includes Hyper Converged Infra (HCI), virtualization and private cloud and information security. The virtualization and private cloud is converting datacenters into SDDC (Software Defined Datacenters), he says.

“We have more than 2 decades’ expertise and experience in Compute and storage infrastructure solutions and a strong virtualization practice.We have deep skills in information security that is becoming important than ever before,” says Rajesh.

Wysetek also encompasses a strong 24 X 7 services and support network that is crucial for the datacenter projects.

Wysetek has separate team for datacenter solutions as a dedicated focus since over a decade. The teams comprises of DC design Solution Architects, Project Managers, Virtualization & Cloud tech specialists, Implementation engineers as per Rajesh.

BFSI are the early adopters for HCI solutions in their datacenters but other verticals like manufacturing too are preferringthese solutions in DC space as per him.

The key trends in Indian datacentre market have been chalked out by Wysetek in a well- planned strategy to ride the wave in 2018 and 2019. HCI is a big trend as we have already acquired deep skills in this domain and executed many projects especially in past eighteen months with different OEMs and across varied verticals as per Rajesh.

High performance networking will be the new demand from modern datacenters as datacontinues to increase with Apps and workloads demanding more bandwidth with faster access. Security has to be now in both directions – north south as well as East West traffic – across datacenters as per him.

About sixty percent of Wysetek’s total revenues comes from datacenter solutions. We expect it to be in range of sixty to sixty-five percent by end of 2019

Wysetek Systems Technologists works withHPE, Dell EMC, Nutanix, VMware, Trend Micro, Cisco for datacenter solutions
Wysetek’s USPs in datacenter domain  – Two decades expertise in compute and storage infra.- Strong virtualization practice across various verticals.- Team with deep skillsets in information security.- Backed by strong 24 X 7 services and support network.
“Enterprises expect the datacenters to be the core for digital transformation journey. They want modern technology solutions that offer enhanced agility, better management that turns into a software defined datacenter.”Rajesh Mathkar, Director, Wysetek Systems Technologists