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Wysetek in sync with evolving technology landscape

A CIO today expects us to recommend solutions which are agile and in line with their business needs says Bosco Remedios of Wysetek Systems Technologists.

My role at CTO at Wysetek has changed drastically from being a traditional infrastructure based approach to now being more dependent on the business needs with security solutions taking a precedence over just providing IT services, says Bosco Remedios, Manager – Technology Solutions Division, Wysetek Systems Technologists.

Edited excerpts.

What will be the 3 big trends in 2018? Which technologies in enterprises space will Indian CISO’s adopt more and why?
1. IOT:Intelligent things are everyday devices that are capable of smarter interaction with people and the environment. These things operate semi-autonomously or autonomously in uncontrolled real-world conditions without the need for human intervention. As this tendency proliferates, a network of collaborative intelligent things will be created, where multiple devices will work together developing IoT to its fullest potential. As a result of the fusion of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, we may see some amazing technologies that are able to create smart homes and even smart cities
2.Artificial Intelligence:AI brings enormous changes to the business, reshaping the entire industries with the power of advanced technologies and software. There is a potential for algorithms marketplaces, where the best ones created by engineers or companies can be shared, bought, and deployed for organization’s personal use. Moreover, the constant development of machine learning and AI technologies promises that every business will be data-driven and every industry will be smart. From healthcare to construction, banking and finance to manufacturing, almost every industry will be reshaped.

3.New Approach to Data Ownership:Thanks to distributed ledger technology, we will see a new approach to data ownership, giving control back to the original creator of content or data, instead of the platform where it was created. Not only will this empower consumers to take back control and monetize their data, but it will also enable organizations to share proprietary data with competitors and industry partners without being afraid of theft or loss of a competitive advantage.
This year will see the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) become enforced, changing the way how companies should protect data of European citizens for now and might slowly percolate across the Globe. Any transaction involved with every piece of data can be tracked and monitored and the data owner can benefit in real-time.

What are the new expectations from CIOs and IT leaders today from Wysetek than say two years ago?
Gone are the days of the CIOs simply keeping IT running efficiently, reducing costs and mitigating risks.Today’s CIOs must play a broader role on the executive team and thus balance the new responsibilities that directly influence business strategy. This has resulted in a significant change in their expectations from systems integrators like us.

A CIO today expects us to recommend solutions which are agile and in line with their business needs. We are increasingly finding demands from CIO on cloud based Solutions which gives them the business flexibility and an On-Demand model to roll out apps to meet business needs. Another trend we are experiencing is that CIOs expect real time response both in solutioning as well as support.

Are the CIO expectations more business-outcome based or technology driven? Any examples.
Functionally and strategically speaking, we can always say that CIO is subordinate to the CEO, however, he has the biggest and most difficult responsibility to align his IT objectives that produces most efficient system for achievement of enterprise goals and objectives. However, IT just seems like a large system to the CEO which carries out routine things and hence, the CEO is not much excited to introduce or invest more in IT systems.Hence it has changed the expectations of the CIO from technology driven to business outcome driven.

Case in point is that we are currently working with an ISV for UPI Solutions. They are moving away from their existing infrastructure and moving towards a Hybrid / Public Cloud model thereby deploying an elastic Virtualised Infra with an option of Burst to the Cloud to meet the ‘difficult to predict” surge in in website hits.

A large Insurance Company we with offices across the country and state of the art On-Prem backup is still moving to a Cloud Based backup policy to ensure On Demand quick restoration times through solutions recommended by Wysetek.

Has your teams started interacting with C-suite executives like CFO, CMO, CDO and LOBs of your customers besides CIOs only?

Definitely. The reason being C-Suite’ comprises of all the high level executives and Senior Management who are instrumental in collaborating and making decisions for the growth of the Business. Information Technology is no longer just the domain of CIO / CTO but has also started falling in the purview of C-Suite members. Hence it has become essential for solution provider companies like us to talk to business, marketing, App Owners, finance at our customers.

How has Wysetek formed its technology team internally to face the new demands?

We have always believed that technology deployment expertise and certified skill-set is tantamount to growing our technology business and not the other way around. We have gone all out to get ourselves certified and skilled in all Technology Solutions we specializein.

From a Post Sale deployment viewpoint we have aligned ourselves technology – wise so as to build our skillsets from a Technology Practice standpoint rather than point solutions. This has resulted in us being able to offer a dedicated team skilled, certified &focused in their particular domain thereby providing cutting edge services to our clients irrespective of the vertical.

From a sales stand point, we have aligned ourselves vertical – wise like manufacturing, BFSI, PSU to name a few so as to provide the right front end as an account manager to our clients based on their particular expertise and industry experience.

How has your role changed as CTO at Wysetek and what is your pitch in front of your customers as the company’s value proposition?

As a CTO, my role has changed drastically from being a traditional infrastructure based approach to now being more dependent on the business needs with security solutions taking a precedence over just providing IT services.

Traditionally we would approach a customer more from the technology that we thought was a ‘must-have’ for them which today has changed to a ‘business demands’ discussions. Solutions which are always available, well Protected and have the flexibility to burst when needed have become the moot point of all discussions. Digital Rights Management, Privileged Identity Management, DNS Protection,iPAM, Mobile Threat Defense are slowly becoming a ‘must-have’ than “Good-To-Have” few years ago.

What would be your list of Dos and Don’ts for CIOs and CTOs of Indian companies who are on their digital transformation journey?

Over the past two years, businesses have put increased focus on digitally transforming their brands from the inside out. That’s led not only to taking new risks with emerging tech, but also implementing changes to company culture and organizational structures. The journey is still new but here are few takeaways

Be Proactive Not Reactive:Most organizations are engaging in digital transformation in reaction to moves made by competitors. The problem with this approach is it tailors the decision-making process toward the business environment the enterprise is leaving, not the one it is entering.

All Or Nothing Approach:There is always a temptation to implement a new program on a piece-meal basis, but this won’t work with digital transformation. Concepts like agile development cannot thrive under a traditional hierarchy, so the change must be broad enough to allow agile teams and processes to grow but not so overwhelming that they cause undue disruption to existing pattern

Build a strong relationship between CIO and CMO :Thecompany’s chief marketing officer in future will spend more if not the same on tech than the chief information officer hence this is a good reason for the two to work hand in hand
Create an innovation steering committee: Creating a small, trusted group to properly vet ideas can help move better ideas forward faster and put the brakes on those that shouldn’t.
Integrate teams more often:Cross-pollinating teams can lead to better understanding and better idea creation between departments. For example, Integrating Tech and Business teams for projects allows for a healthy exchange of ideas and a clearer understanding of the Objective to achieve.
Take time to think about your internal story: If we’re going to make digital transformation work, we have to understand the narrative to help people understand why something should change and how it can benefit the business. This helps in ensuring all business units are pulling together in the same direction.

What would be your three top priorities as CTO of Wysetek?
Build up a more mature Cloud Based Service Offering thereby providing Opex Based Solutions for our client which can be On Demand, Agile and work upon a pay as you grow model.

Another priority is focus upon and showcase our Centre of Excellence at Mumbai office that hosts a plethora of Solutions we specialize in around Mature VirtualizationPractices, Data Protection, Hyper Converged, Mobility and Security Solutions. Also we will create awareness amongst our customers of our NOC providing 24 x 7 networking, security and support services.

We will evaluate and adopt emerging technologies likeblock chainwhich is an undeniably ingenious invention. By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, block chain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet.

Containers and Microservices are attracting interest from organizations that need to quickly develop apps, especially ones that employ IoT and/or the cloud.Many organizations will deploy container orchestration platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry to help manage the lifecycle of containers as their use grows. We will exploreDigital rights management (DRM) which is a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media.

Gone are the days of the CIOs simply keeping IT running efficiently, reducing costs and mitigating risks? Today’s CIOs must play a broader role on the executive team and thus balance the new responsibilities that directly influence business strategy.”Bosco Remedios, Manager – Technology Solutions Division, Wysetek Systems Technologists
Bosco’s 3 Priorities for Wysetek in 2018 #1 Build up a mature Cloud Based Service Offeringfor clients which can be On Demand, Agile and work upon as pay-as-you-grow model.#2: Focus and showcase on CoE that hosts specialized solutions like Virtualization Practices, Data Protection, HCI,Mobility, Security.#3 Evaluate and Adopt emerging technologies like  Blockchain, Containers and Microservices, DRM