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We expect to double our revenues from security business year on year as we have doubled our team in 2018, says Rajesh Mathkar, Director, Wysetek Systems Technologists.

IT security market is witnessing a great growth with advent of cloud, IoT and mobility.

The increase of breaches and attacks globally across organizations of all sizes has made it imperative for CISO s and IT leaders to strengthen their security posture.

Systems Integrator and IT services provider company Wysetek Systems Technologists has been a proficient technology company successfully implementing security technologies across Indian organizations.

Mumbai headquartered Wysetek with Pan India presence has been focusing more on security practice for over a decade. The big security technologies for Wysetek in 2019 are Anti – APT, EDR and DDI, says Rajesh Mathkar, Director, Wysetek Systems Technologists

The security BU at Wysetek in 2018 had a great run implementing IT projects across organizations for new-age security technologies. “We have doubled our security team which are certified, focused and specialized thereby providing cutting edge services to our clients irrespective of the vertical.We are adding more technical and pre sales employees to cope with exponential growth.”

About eight percent out of total revenues came from security business for Wysetek – from Jan 2018 to Dec 2018 as per Rajesh. We provide security solutions and services to our customers to protect their data preventing the spread of malware that can impact the integrity of the network and ensuring that the security infrastructure works seamlessly together to remediate threats faster, he adds.

Wysetek expects about fifteen percent of total company revenues in 2019 out of security practice as this is our big focus.

Wysetek is a channel partner of security vendors like Trend micro, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Infoblox, Radware, Fire Eye to name the key ones. These relationships allow us to deliver a set of complementary skills to our clients in a seamless manner so that they can earn the best possible return on investment, says Rajesh.

The company added Infoblox as a new security vendor to add DDI in the portfolio

The key expectations from CISOs and CIOs of our end customers from security providers and SIs like Wysetek includes proactive support and services, help them in identifying right fit and Integration with existing footprint of their IT infrastructure as per Rajesh.

Wysetek intends to foray is deception technology this year as it enables to detect threats and data leakage attempts faster and more effectively with automated investigation and response, ultimately giving the organizations the ability to terminate an attack in progress.

Talking on CIOs and CISOs of India and their role ahead with their company’s security posture, Rajesh says “CIOs and CISOs are expected to be business leaders and not just the IT-focused professional. They need to have visionary plans and long term goals that can make their organization stay safe from threats and importantly thrive in growing their business.”

“While security is a continuous process, CIOs are now being challenged to use IT strategies and solutions to drive business innovation and transformation. People and their training is vital for correct security posture of a modern organization, adds Rajesh on their priority list while selecting their implementation partner.

Security (data privacy and compliance) is expected to be a serious board room talk especially with the pending Personal Data Protection Bill to be implemented in India. “With increasing awareness security is definitely becoming serious board room talk. India is one step closer to having its own data protection law after the Srikrishna Committee submitted its initial assessment and recommendations on data privacy and management & RBI tightening on compliance ”says Rajesh Mathkar, director, Wysetek Systems Technologists.

“CIOs and CISOs are expected to be business leaders, not just the IT-focused professional. While security is a continuous process, CIOs are now being challenged to use IT strategies and solutions to drive business innovation and transformation. “ Rajesh Mathkar, Director, Wysetek Systems Technologists
CISOs Expectations from Wysetek Proactive support and services Help in Identifying the right fit Integration with existing IT footprint