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The term Datacenter is typically affiliated to data storage & backup systems, power supplies, redundant data communications connections, calamity controls and security devices. Cloud technology, on the other hand, is an abstraction of crude components provided by Datacenters like servers, network, storage, and power & cooling. Increasing trend in virtualization techniques replacing hardware components clearly speaks of potential Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) plaguing the future picture of IT Infrastructure architecture.

The lingo Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) was coined during an annual virtualization conference, VMworld Europe 2012, wherein VMware applauded it as the next best thing in IT. SDDC, by and large, is a facility where the elements of the IT infrastructure networking, storage, CPU, and security are virtualized and deployed as an IT service. The provisioning and operation of the entire infrastructure are entirely automated by software. IT amplifies virtualization concepts such as abstraction, pooling, and automation in accordance with data center’s resources and services. The core architectural components that comprise the software-defined data center include the following:

  • Computer Virtualization – Software implementation of a computer.
  • Software-defined networking (SDN) – process of merging hardware and software resources and networking functionality into a software-based virtual network.
  • Software-defined storage (SDS) – A service interface to provision capacity and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for storage, including performance and durability.
  • Management and automation software- Enables an administrator to provision, control, and manage all software-defined data center components.

Wysetek bids an entire range of virtualization solutions & services to carve a whole new vision for IT infrastructure, and in turn, your business. You can curtail the need of specialized infrastructure by provisioning & running applications & services across hybrid environments. With many possible implementation scenarios, SDDC support can be claimed by a wide variety of approaches and challenges monolithic hardware vendors to formulate & differentiate their products through software and services. Software Defined Data Centers are likely to further fade-out prices for data center hardware and seems to have promising future in the IT industry. Here are some benefits Wysetek partners cherish:

  • Higher efficiency at lower costs
  • Application provisioning in minutes
  • Right availability and security for every application
  • Huge workload delivered anywhere, anytime

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