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We provide end-to-end virtualisation services that help your organisation improve the flexibility of its IT environment, all while optimising your resource cost. Wysetek also offers Professional Services for consulting, designing, capacity planning, implementation, and configuration, as well as 24×7 ongoing support.

Server virtualisation
Helps you better utilise your resources, reduce operation cost, and get the required flexibility to adapt to the changing business requirements.
Application virtualisation
Helps your employees handle large volumes of work and optimises utilisation of existing software.

Helps you control the IT environment and data security. This also supports remote clients in real-time decision making and roll-out system updates.
With the demand for storage increasing as your business expands, this helps in performing tasks to optimise storage.

Modern Data Center

A modern data centre is fundamental infrastructure that businesses need in their digital transformation journey. A Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) is key to gaining superior operational efficiency, control, agility, and high availability.

With server virtualisation being a base necessity, coupled with storage virtualisation, hyper-converged infra, and network virtualisation, these processes could definitely help build the modern data centres. 

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud consists of virtualisation, applications, guest OS or data storage.

It is a single-tenant environment hosted by the organisation.  It might be based on resources and infrastructure that is already present in the organisation’s on-premises data centre or on a new, separate infrastructure. 

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

The power of effective hyper-converged infrastructure cannot be undermined. It helps you eliminate IT sprawl, simplify operations, improve system availability, and protects your data.

We help deploy this by design, delivery, and all the support you need. We streamline all activities by leveraging one vendor for all your IT functions. This, in turn, reduces complexities, issues, and expenses for your business.

We consolidate storage networks and virtualisation with end-to-end automated life cycle management. We also ensure hyper-efficient use of resources by minimizing network traffic, storage consumption and freeing the CPU for more applications. 

There is a definite ease of scale, with a “building block” approach. This minimises upfront investments and aligns ongoing expenses with the business demands.

Hybrid Cloud

A Hybrid Cloud creates new digital possibilities. It opens the door to cost-effective scalability, flexibility and modernisation. It increases speed and agility by going light on your pocket. 

Explore these solutions with VMware Hybrid Cloud, designed and deployed for your company’s needs by Wysetek. 

Digital Workspace

A digital workspace is an integrated technology framework with centralised management, application, data, and secured access control. It provides for knowledge sharing and collaboration in new and effective ways. It is a connected environment that provides access to everything employees need in a virtual space. 

Mobility Management

Wysetek masters mobility management. We effectively manage all the devices being used and the end user’s data. It is placed in an inventory, reported and is secured all along with behavioural analysis and business intelligence. 

Application Modernization

In order to make a full form digital transformation, applications are the most important bridge between enterprises and their customer relationships. Applications are rebuilt, designed, and developed for the agility of business needs.

Vmware Application Modernisation with Kubernetes solutions take away the complexity of hardware management and provides an enterprise-grade Kubernetes native platform, enabling you to run your traditional and modern apps side-by-side.

Intrinsic Security

Intrinsic security is a different approach to securing an organisation. A strategy for leveraging the infrastructure and control works in new ways – in real-time across any app, cloud, or device, making it possible to maintain its security posture from a reactive action to a proactive one.