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Imagine hitting a golf ball in New York City and making a hole in one in Los Angeles! This is how one observer portrayed the New Horizons deep space mission to Pluto, though perhaps he could have been describing the capabilities of IBM FlashSystem storage arrays. New Horizons represents quite a bundle of challenges, risks, and achievements. The investment and the quantifiable risk is in the ballpark of US$700 million. The return on investment took over nine years and still counting. The spacecraft set the record for the highest launch speed of a human-made object from Earth. Once it left, there was no turning back.

Sounds a lot like your next product or services launch, doesn’t it? Or maybe mission to Pluto was what you jotted in your notepad after you were tasked with increasing the capacity, performance, and reliability of the company’s information systems on the same budget as last year? Perhaps it’s really true; the future is Pluto. To achieve your business goals will require a difficult journey, there may be significant risk along the way, and once you arrive, there’s no telling what you all find.

As fast as our knowledge of the universe is expanding, your business world may be expanding faster. Pluto was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh, decades before the first spacecraft ventured beyond 50 miles above Earth. This New Horizons spacecraft is exploring the Kuiper Belt, 50 times the distance from the Earth to the sun. Only a few years ago, you announced your new products to your community; now, thanks to the Internet, mobile apps, social engagement, and the cloud, it’s a global affair.

This is the universe in which you do business. When you are ready to launch your next product, what platform will power the future of your business? There are many unknowns ahead, but you can bet that both the volume and the velocity of your data will increase significantly, dramatically. You all need the best possible fraud protection. Your business will demand faster decision-making and more in-depth analytics. You can turn these technology challenges into advantages with IBM storage solutions. Or you can choose to stay behind.

Yes, the future is Pluto. Tiny target in the sky. Big dreams. Great engineering. Stunning technology. Wild success. You can watch from the easy chair, applaud the success of others. Or you can learn more about IBM FlashSystem Contact Us and begin the journey to enable your own New Horizons today.

Source: IBM DCM