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We are living in true transformational times as organizations become digital and the users more connected to systems and each other.

There is sophisticated, advanced threat landscape evolving by the day on one side and complicated with the advent of Cloud, Mobility on the other side. This makes the hyper-connected organization highly vulnerable to threats and it poses a constant challenge to keep App, Data and Users safe from the attacks.

Security has become the most critical factor for all the communities in the IT team be it CIO, CSO, IT user or the Management. It is no longer just a technology subject but a hot topic for the board room discussions as well.

Enterprise IT security market has transitioned much beyond the traditional AV, anti-spam and other yesteryear technologies. Today the companies require a potent mix of appliances, software and services of the security conundrum that includes Next Generation Firewall, WAF, Load balancer, EDR, Specialized Security for Virtual Infra, Anti- APT solutions to name a few.

Securing complex IT infrastructure from the multi vector threats across on premise, cloud and mobile devices is a daunting task for modern companies. There is an exigent need for a proficient security partner that understands today’s security landscape and the customers’ pain points. Backed by an expert team that can implement the right technologies to suit their business needs and more importantly keeps the entire organization secure from the bad guys.

Wysetek known for technology and professional services practices in the areas such as virtualization, data protection and Cloud has well-entrenched alliances with best technology vendors backed by Wysetek’s skilled team ensures a robust security posture for companies and their CIOs and CISOs today for the future. Our security practice since over a decade has received good attention amongst our enterprise customer base with major components inside enterprise security technologies like NGFW, Enterprise Proxy, DDoS, DLP to name a few across banks, manufacturing, IT/ITes and other verticals across India.

As we brave the new age threat landscape and help the companies stay away from all kinds of breaches, strengthening the security posture is no longer an afterthought for CIOs and CISOs of India.

Wysetek is committed to be the competent security partner for India Inc. as the enterprises – small and big – continued to invest more in the traditional as well as advanced technologies in 2017.

Here’s wishing everyone and your teams a safe and secure year of 2018!