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Hyper Converged Infra

Every company is a software company be it born-in-the-cloud or legacy. The power of software in the business processes is compelling organizations to invest less on hardware silos in their infrastructure.  Hyper-Converged Infrastructure or popularly known as HCI is a software-defined IT infrastructure that fits this new trend in the market as it virtualizes all of the elements of conventional “hardware-defined” systems for a company.

Hyper-converged infra business is a key focus area for Wysetek for 2019 and beyond as the company has executed many IT projects across verticals in this domain. Wysetek works with leading HCI vendors Nutanix, VMware, HPE SimpliVity and Cisco. Hyper-Converged Infra helps reduce data center costs (hardware cost) and make the infrastructure future-ready to scale fast to the new demands of the modern business world.

Benefits –

Hyper-converged infrastructure promises to deliver simplicity and flexibility when compared with legacy solutions.

The integrated storage systems, servers and networking switches are designed to be managed as a single system, across all instances of a hyper-converged infrastructure.

The inherent management capabilities enable ease of use, and software-defined storage is expected to yield greater scalability and resource efficiency. Companies can start small and grow resources as needed.

HCI vendors also tout potential cost savings in areas including data center power and space; IT labour; and avoidance of licensed software such as backup or disaster recovery tools.

“Our USP is our strength in storage and infrastructure. We have more than a decade of experience in virtualization that includes network virtualization, desktop virtualization, virtualization management and virtualization security.

Hyper-converged infrastructure is an easy way to modernize technology. At Wysetek we can help your organization tackle the challenges and reduce risk, boost productivity, and enhance flexibility, scalability, and availability.

HCI will allow you to achieve a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional infrastructure.