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Promising an Efficient and Resilient Architecture…IBM POWER8 does not Disappoint!
The IBM POWER family offers turnkey technologies that provide for a spectrum of services…management, effective security, expansive scalability and ready availability. All data, Cloud and Workloads are optimized. Driving home a sense of reliability, dependability, availability and performance stays at the core of all businesses. Here…IBM POWER8 is very relevant.

The Why:  Increasing Need

Each business day sees the birth of about 3 billion bytes of data. With the progress of technology, it comes as no surprise that the past few years have seen the generation of almost 90 percent of data. The hardware is not being able to cope with the amount of data being generated. In such perilous times…IBM POWER8 is here to save the day!

POWER8 platforms offer super scalability for rapid and epic deployments, system expansion facilities as well as adaptability in terms of architecture.

Characteristic Features

  • Access to Superior Cloud Environments: POWER8 certainly takes the cake as far as data-centric applications on cloud are concerned.
  • Speed: Leading the market with 4 times the threads per core, POWER8 has almost 180% more bandwidth. Get 50 times more insights on Big Data.
  • In-Built Features: The memory capacity is more and memory bandwidth wide. Processor speed more balanced with inter-processor communications bandwidth. Hops are reduced when communicating between processors. There is also seen a collaboration with InterSystems to enhance the design of cache for faster data processing.
  • Fully Integrated: A resiliency is shown that is needed in today’s fail-prone environment. There is seen a consolidation of workloads and a substantial reduction in costs. Both virtual and physical options can be managed efficiently. All performance benchmarks are easily achieved in a virtualized environment as there is a virtualization hypervisor built into every POWER system.

Practical Usage

It is a well-known fact that the POWER8 family incorporates more cores, cache capacity and threading enhancements. Offering much more than just benchmark results, there is high value to the IBM POWER8 system in Healthcare!

Dawn of a Bright Future Indeed

Many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to handle the complexities of Big Data. To gain new insights from already existing data, is a big deal…with the time and costs demanded. Today, a lot of Management Information Systems (MIS) are dependent on easily process able data. Therefore, IBM POWER8 is the way to go in the 22nd century!