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Enterprise security, cloud, and big data will be our key focus areas this year, says Thomas Cherian, director, Wysetek Systems Technologists.

At the start, let me wish you and your company a very happy new year 2018 !

The advent of New Year leads to new resolutions and business blueprint for a corporate.

The enterprise technology landscape changed a fair bit in the year of 2017 with cloud becoming pervasive, AI and Machine learning showing good adoption, converged infra becoming the new normal, security becoming a must to name a few.

It was a year which became difficult for CIOs and IT leaders to prioritize their IT budgets as they stepped ahead in their digital transformation journey. The budgets were limited to most CIOs and they now as business strategist had to ensure the lights on for their company, add digital revenues, enhance competitive advantage, and explore business innovation.

Wysetek as an enterprises systems Integrator Company over past twenty five years has worked on a simple principle – solve our customer’s problems be it business or technology. The change of technology does not change that dilemma but now we can help the customers faster and more effectively with new-age innovation in technology products, solutions and services. We continue to deploy end-to-end IT products and services to manage enterprises’ IT infra – on premise and cloud – across India.

There are three big technology domains to be our main focus amongst other technologies for the year of 2018.

1) Enterprise Security:

With digital transformation truly becoming priority for enterprises and sophisticated attacks and threats reaching new heights, most enterprises are becoming extremely conscious about their security architecture, and we see bigger budgets allocated for IT security by India companies in 2018. We have already acquired deep skills in various aspects of enterprise security working with best of network and endpoint security vendors. With the help of our technology partners, we are sure to scale new heights in the world of enterprise security and evolving as ‘end-to-end’ holistic security provider for Indian companies.

2) Hyper convergence & Cloud:

Cloud has now become a mainstream for customers of all sizes – small, medium and big. The direct and increased presence of the major cloud players in India in past few years has instilled more confidence amongst CIOs and their companies to have their data secure within the country. There is improved reliability, more security and aggressive pricing by most hyperscalers both MNC and India.
Couple of HCI specialized technology OEMs have created very good momentum in India market with good use cases. With Wysetek’s specialization in virtualization and cloud practices complimenting very well, we are very confident of hyper growth in this area of HCI and Cloud.

3) Big Data & Analytics:

We believe that in this era of customer experience, all the enterprises want to have meaningful insights to their internal and external (customer) data. They are in pursuit to serve the customer better and faster and hence they will be e investing more in solutions around big data and analytics. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive, deep learning will all add to the data management in intelligent manner and real time for the CIOs to utilize these technologies to add valuable context to the data in their systems. Though Wysetek has not worked much in this domain, we feel this area has a good potential for us in 2018 and beyond.